New Year’s Eve… Kinjin goes Lolo!

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: Lolo's Lair

Oh no, Kinjin is closed!?

Since Kinjin is closed on New Year’s Eve, we cannot hold an awesome New Year’s Eve party to celebrate the new year! But don’t be afraid, since our hero Lolo (Lorenzo) has come to the rescue!

Kinjin goes Lolo!

That’s why Kinjin’s New Year’s Eve event of 2018 will happen at Lolo’s Lair. Celebrate the beautiful entry into the year of 2018 with all your fellow Kinjin members, by firing off fireworks to chase off all those evil ghosts.  Perhaps you can even catch a soul or two for Kinjin’s souleater.

In case you’re coming to Lolo, it would be appreciated if you could bring some food or drinks, although this is not mandatory as even your presence will be cherished.