Reopening week: BBQ

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: JCES Kinjin

Last year we couldn’t host a BBQ, so we want to catch up and host one in the beginning of this year! Because, who doesn’t love a Kinjin BBQ?! You are required to sign-up for this BBQ. Attending the BBQ will cost € 5. The BBQ will take place on the field north of Luna and west of Aurora.

The options are:

  • Normal portion (5 pieces of meat) € 5

  • Vegetarian portion (5 vegetarian pieces) € 5

We will be serving no fish and we will purchase the meat from a Halal butcher.

Sign-up for the BBQ is closed.

Sign-up is definitive. So, if you can’t attend anymore, please let us know a.s.a.p. by contacting the board (via WhatsApp, Discord, e-mail or in person). If you don’t show up or sign out after the deadline, we will still charge the costs for the BBQ.