Come join us for an evening where we experience traditional Japanese culture, e.g. tea ceremonies, calligraphy and story telling. Hosted by Dentoubunka-jin.

Storm’s Short Shorts part 6: Dawn of the Golden Short For this event our beloved Storm will show you the magical world of anime shorts. Shorts are single episode anime which are often created by animators or directors themselves who have been given a free pass to create anything they want! This makes for some … Continue reading Storm’s short shorts

Danmaku!! is a card game for 4 – 8 players based off of the Touhou series of shoot-’em-up games. Players choose one of the dozens of characters in the Touhou universe and secretly take the roles of the Heroine, the Partners, Bosses, and the EX Boss. Attack your enemies and defend your allies by playing … Continue reading Danmaku!!

Sing along with your favorite songs during Karaoke! Hosted by Uta-jin.

It’s time for some Japanese board games! Generally, we play three games during a board game evening: Japanese Mahjong (Riichi) Go Shogi Hosted by Shoubu-jin.

During the manga club meetings, we discuss the previously chosen manga and choose manga for next time. After the meeting, we usually watch any related adaptations of the read manga. For an overview of everything we have read so far, see

Convention season is starting again, which means that Kinjin will be hosting various events again! Have you ever wanted to learn how to host our events at conventions? Or do you just like playing the games themself? Then come by the Convention Games evening to learn all about our various events and to hang out … Continue reading Convention Games

Eiga-jin will be holding a Japanese Movie Evening. If you are interested in watching live-action movies and discussing them with your fellow Kinjin members, make sure to check it out!

Join this amazing evening for some high class Japanese fighting games (no smash). Hosted by Tatakai-jin.