Thank You Party for Kinjin Matsuri Volunteers

Event Details

Dear Matsuri Volunteers,

Thank you very much for helping us during the Kinjin Matsuri. Thanks to all your efforts we were able to hold a fantastic Matsuri.

As a reward, we will finally hold our drunk karaoke that some members have been asking for. We have got some saké left and the bottles need to be finished! There will also be some soda if people prefer a non-drunk karaoke. Some more interesting notes:

  • Please bring your own snacks and drinks (including alcohol!) so we can enjoy all of them!
  • You didn’t volunteer and still want to join our Thank You Party?
    • Then you can join as a +1 of one of the volunteers.

Again, thanks for all your hard work!

Cheers and hugs,
Joost Visser