Traditional Movie Night

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Japan has been in war with itself for over 100 years…
The Takeda clan is the only power that can still stand up against the ferocious Oda Nobunaga, but their leader the legendary Takeda Shingen is mortally wounded. His dying wish: 「Keep my death a secret for 3 years to guarantee the stability of my clan」
A thief, with an uncanny resemblance to the late Shingen, must fool his own general to continue to hide his death.
Come watch this Japanese 1980s Classic: Kagemusha at the Dentoubunkajin activity this Monday!
We’ll start at 19:00 on Monday when I’ll give a small talk about the Sengoku period and the historical background of this movie and at ~19:30 I reckon we start the movie. The movie is about 3 hours, so quite a watch!