Spicy Noodle Competition!

Event Details


This Wednesday your spice tolerance will be put to the ultimate test! Will you be able to withstand the seemingly never-ending waves of spicier and spicier noodles or will you fold and start chugging milk and stuffing yourself with bread? Come by to find out if you are going to be Kinjin’s next ultimate spice champion!

We shall serve noodles with ascending levels of spiciness. The rules of the event are simple: eat the noodles, don’t drink water, and survive without tapping out. The last person standing will gain eternal fame as the Spice Master™️ of Kinjin and get a spicy prize!

Milk, water, and white bread will be served to those who tap out so don’t be scared 🙂

The event is free to attend but you are required to sign up beforehand. Sign-ups will close on Tuesday 4th of June at 23:59!