Propaganda Round

Event Details

We have a lot of disputes and commissions (Jins), and tonight is the night they get to introduce themselves to you!

If you’ve ever wanted to give back to the community or get more involved with Kinjin, joining a Jin is the perfect fit for you!
If you’ve never felt that way, you should show up anyway, and who knows? You might find that one special Jin that will manage to melt your stone-cold heart!

The following commissions have been summoned:

  • Plastic-jin (プラスチック人): A new Plamo commission: this jin is about everything related to Japanese plastic model kits (such as Gunpla).
  • AC (Activities Commission): The AC is responsible for fun Kinjin activities, such as Kinjin on Ice or the film marathon.
  • Ibe-jin (イベ人): Our event-jin goes to conventions country-wide to organise activities.
  • Chibi-jin (チビ人): Our IT commission, capable of ruining improving our website.
  • PR-commission: Our PR commission, responsible for… PR!
  • Matsuri-commission (祭り-commission): This commision prepares the coming Kinjin festival called Kinjin Matsuri.
  • Nekomimi-jin (猫耳人): This jin is currently making a visual / light novel.