OCW Japanese board games

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  • Venue: JCES Kinjin

It’s time for some Japanese board games!

During this evening Riichi Mahjong, Go and Shogi are played.
Riichi Mahjong is an intense four player game and can only be described as a mix of Rummikub and Poker.
Go is a typical example of a game which is easy to learn but hard to master, where players place stones in turns to conquer the game board.
Shogi is a more complex form of chess as pieces can be revived after they have been captured.
No experience is needed to join this activity, as we will gladly explain the rules.

In the OCW(Open Culture Week) everyone is welcome to come and try all the activities organized by the Culture associations in Luna! So if you are interested in Kinjin come to one of our activities and see if you enjoy it!