New members’ evening

Event Details

  • Date:
  • Venue: JCES Kinjin

On Wednesday the 22nd of September Kinjin will be hosting the New Members’ Evening. The New Members’ Evening at Kinjin will be a fun night, which starts with dinner at 18:00. We will be serving Japanese curry. You can also choose to join us after the dinner at 19:00. At the evening itself we will play a quiz and some fun games.

You are required to sign-up for this dinner, so we can make an estimate of how many people we will have to cook for. Sign-up is closed.

  • The dinner will be free for new members (members who joined in academic year 2021-2022).

  • The dinner will cost € 1 for potential members. But you can join the dinner for free if you become a member this evening!

  • The dinner will cost € 1 for older members.