Kinjin BBQ 2018

Event Details


  • What? – Kinjin BBQ event
  • Where? – Grass north of Kinjin / Luna.
  • When? – Friday, 6th of July, 19:00.
  • How? – Register at the Typeform below.
  • Deadline registration: Wednesday 4th of July, 12:00.

Kinjin BBQ 2018

It is time for our final non-GMM event of the year, the Kinjin BBQ. We will celebrate the end of the university year with an amazing BBQ event, as you do not have to worry about exams anymore.
The event will take place at Friday, 6 July, 19:00, on the grass north of Kinjin. We got permission of the TU/e to BBQ on that field. 🙂

BBQ Menus

There will be a selection of three different BBQ menus. All of these menus are including default Dutch BBQ food, such as baguettes and salads, and soft drinks:
  1. Standard menu, 4 pieces of meat, €7
  2. BBQ XXL, 6 pieces of meat, €8.50
  3. Vegetarian menu, 4 pieces of vega, €7

BBQ Information

Here are the rules of the BBQ:
  • Everyone receives 4 to 6 coupons at the start of the evening.
    • 1 coupon = 1 piece of meat
  • You have to sign up for this event, see the Typeform below.
  • Deadline registration: Wednesday 4th of July, 12:00.
    • It is still possible to register after the deadline, but we cannot guarantee that there is enough meat.
  • You can bring your own drink / beer.
  • You can bring a +1 with you.
    • The +1 person has to sign up using the Typeform as well.
    • You have to state the name of the person who brings you as a +1.
    • Want to bring +2, or even more? This is possible, but you need permission of the board.
  • At the end of the evening, we will BBQ the leftovers and distribute them to everyone who is still hungry.

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