First-Ep Marathon: Summer Edition!

Event Details

With a new season comes new anime. It’s more fun if we watch this together! Come stop by at the first-ep marathon: Summer edition, where we watch the first episodes of some of the newest, hottest shows! We will start at 12:00, so there will be enough time for all juicy new series of this season.

View a list of the summer animes at Marco’s website (updated soon) or Anichart

The usual rules/hints:

  • After an anime ends, just call out which other anime you want to see.
  • For shorts of 10 minutes or less, episodes 1 and 2 will be queued up
    (if available).
  • Ragequit rule applies: if more than half of the viewers vote for it,
    an episode is stopped in the middle.
  • Marco will bring some snacks and plastic plates.