Kinjin will be hosting events at AnimeCon 2023 at De Broodfabriek in Rijswijk!

Join this amazing evening for some high class Japanese fighting games (no smash). Hosted by Tatakai-jin.

During the manga club meeting we discuss the previously chosen manga and choose manga for next time. After the meeting we usually watch any related adaptations of the read manga. For an overview of everything we have read so far, see

The second GMM hosted by the Sekai board! Make sure you’re there to get updates about what is going on in the association!

Danmaku!! is a card game for 4 – 8 players based off of the Touhou series of shoot-’em-up games. Players choose one of the dozens of characters in the Touhou universe and secretly take the roles of the Heroine, the Partners, Bosses, and the EX Boss. Attack your enemies and defend your allies by playing … Continue reading Danmaku!!

It’s time for some Japanese board games! Generally, we play three games during a board game evening: Japanese Mahjong (Riichi) Go Shogi Hosted by Shoubu-jin.

Let’s watch some anime together! Every session we decide on anime to watch beforehand and then watch 6 episodes. Sounds fun? Be sure to check it out! For information on previously watched anime, click here. Hosted by Ani-jin.

The Smash Tournament is back again for its 3rd and last edition! This evening members can battle each other in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and find out who’s the very best Smash player of Kinjin! In this special edition we will be using the results from the previous tournament to seed the better players. So … Continue reading Final Smash Tournament