The Kitsunelustrum

Because of the 15th anniversary of Kinjin, we celebrate the Kitsunelustrum this year! There will be special lustrum activities such as the Kinjin Matsuri, a sushi workshop, a Japanese language module and a film screening.

Kinjin Matsuri

There will be a great matsuri-inspired festival in honour of our third lustrum. This festival will be at 26th of May, 2018, so make sure to keep this date free. Matsuri is the Japanese word for festival and this festival is inspired by the Japanese matsuri. During these festivals, there are generally stands with food, such as fish-on-a-stick, taiyaki and much more. We want to bring the atmosphere of a true matsuri closer to home, so everyone can enjoy a dive in a different culture.

There will be a large matsuri area with several stands. Besides the food, one can also play festival games or buy typical Japanes goodies. Moreover, there will be a podium with special Japanese acts as well as several different workshops and lectures.

Interested? Feel free to visit our matsuri website:

Sushi workshop

Besides organizing a large festival, we also have other lustrum activities. One of these is the sushi workshop, which will be given by a professional Japanese chef. The sushi workshop was held at the 24th of October and was a great success!

Film screening

Ever heard of the new movie of Makoto Shinkai called Kimi no Na wa? Also called Your Name, this movie is the most succesful anime-movie ever. The movie is a beautiful drama about two highschool students with a completely different lifestyle in modern Japan. Here is a trailer of the movie.

A special screening is planned on 26, 27 and 28 February in the Zwarte Doos. More information will follow soon.

Lustrum contact

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