Date: Every 3 weeks, on Friday
Time 19:00 – 22:00
Location: Kinjin space

“Uta” means song. Along with “jin” (person) means that “song-person.” The name of the fraternity says what we do: sing. We do this in the form of “Karaoke”, a popular entertainment in Japan in which amateur singers sing along with songs on existing text that appears on a screen. In Japan it is customary to go with friends for example, a Karaoke bar where they sing songs for an audience in a microphone and doing good crazy. The vocal qualities of the singer make the case no matter altogether. It’s about the joy of singing and not to win a singing competition. So anyone can join! We usually sing Japanese songs, but if you prefer to sing in English or Dutch, you can always request a song of your choice.

If you enjoy singing or would like a pleasant evening, come join us at Utajin!