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As you may have heard, a Liar Game is being planned to be held at Kinjin this year!
…And the #1 response I heard was: “What is a Liar Game?”

In short: the Liar Game consists of a number of psychology-themed games that will be played over the course of about a month during the regular activities. Win the games, get points, win the Liar Game, sounds simple enough right?
The Liar Game is based on the Liar Game-manga, which resolves around a group of people participating in games based on lying and deceiving your opponents.

Here is an example from the manga: Minority Voting: A yes/no question is asked, and everyone gives an answer. Let’s say YES: 5 votes, NO: 4 votes.
NO is the minority, so the people that voted NO win, and get to play again. But how do you know that NO will have the least number of votes? Or rather: how do you get everyone else to vote YES? That is what the Liar Game is about, but there is also a lot more to the Liar Game than just the games! More about this will be explained during the evening.

Of course, this explanation doesn’t cover everything, but it should give you at least a bit of an idea.

So, by somewhat popular demand, we will be hosting an evening to introduce everyone to the wonderful Liar Game.
Besides from giving a small introductory talk about what our Liar Game is about, we will also be watching part of the Liar Game live-action series, to get you a bit more aquainted with the background of the Liar Game, and because it is a lot of fun as well!

If you’re interested in participating or helping out with the Liar Game (or you just want to watch the movie), be sure to be there!

If you want to know more about the Liar Game already, you can do some more reading here: