Gezelligheidsavond *Halloween Edition… was cancelled so now we have the Culture Day edition even though it’s the wrong day-Edition!!!*

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It’s halloween! What does this have to do with Japan? Nothing!
But… wasn’t halloween last week? Exactly!
So now we don’t have to worry about that anymore!

Instead, let’s celebrate Culture Day!
Culture Day is a holiday in Japan where people celebrate art, culture and academic accomplishments! Sounds perfect for a Japanese Culture Society for Students!
But Culture Day is November 3rd… And today is the 4th… Eh… Whatever! Minor detail! We don’t care!

This is just a fun evening where we will have a small casual activity, and this week: it’s Japanese Horror Movies!
Movies are about both Art and Culture, so it fits perfectly with Cuture Day! (even though that was yesterday)

Because we have a bunch of activities at Kinjin, it is nice to sometimes have a quiet evening where we can just hang out, talk and have fun. And so, the “Gezelligheidsavond” was invented! (sorry, no translation is available, blame the Dutch language)