Evangelion Marathon

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Today and next week (the 23th of February) the activity committee will be organizing an anime marathon.
We will be watching the 1995 classic, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Due to the length of the series + movies, it will be split in 2 days.
It will be held at Hemelrijken 165C Eindhoven, NOT the Kinjin room.

The plan is to watch around 18 episodes of Neon Genesis Evangelion, have dinner together around 18:00 (Hizmet/pizza place around the corner)
Afterwards we watch the rest of the series including the interesting original ending.
After that, we will watch the movie the end of Evangelion that shows the ending that series creator, Hideaki Anno intended to make.

Bring your own snacks and drinks and feel free to join whenever you feel like. A more detailed time schedule will be send later for the rebuild marathon.
My room is walking distance from the station (6 minute walk).